Welcome to Lilou Studio

"The more you see, the more you know." Aldous Huxley described 'seeing' as being the sum of sensing, selecting, and perceiving. As passionate 3D artists we are here to realize your visions.


What we do

We are here to support you in your digital communications enterprises or in any advertising projects. We breathe life into objects and appearances, which do not normally move or speak.

Lilou Studio, 3D Animation, Zurich: Kroni

Developing / Modeling / Texturing

Once the 2D design/concept phase is complete, the objects are turned digitally into 3D. For this purpose a digitally sculptured model is created, which is treated according to its usage (print or animation).
After the model is finalized the surface materials are defined and painted in the "look development" process. Read more.



The 3D models are animated by means of a skeleton inside them, which defines how they articulate. Animation is core to the 3D process.
A good animator can imbue a digital character's performance with a lot of sensitivity, subtlety and a powerful presence.
Read more.

Lilou Studio 3D animation Highres print

Rendering / Print

Digitally created images can no longer be distinguished from real world photography.
The 3D model is equipped with lights and put into a specific camera perspective. An image is generated by a software which transforms the created data into millions of calculations.
In "rendering" the image, light, shadow, reflection and other real world photographic elements are simulated to reach a high quality. Read more.